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EMUAID Cares Gives Back - Emuaid | Safe & Natural

EMUAID Cares Gives Back

Designed to help at-risk communities throughout the globe, EMUAID’s new EMUAID Cares program donates 10 percent of all manufactured products to charitable organizations and research trials. By providing goods to those who need them most, the program will inspire hope in those who lack the finances to seek proper treatment for their difficult-to-treat skin conditions.

Many individuals living in underprivileged communities suffer from compromised immune systems, making them more susceptible to damaging skin disorders. Thankfully, EMUAID products have proven extremely effective at treating these and other stubborn conditions. A scientifically based, homeopathic topical treatment that harnesses the power of natural healing ingredients, EMUAID is the flagship product line of Speer Laboratories and its pioneering founder, the renowned Richard Nicolo.

Speer Laboratories is family-run, independent company that places the needs of its customers above all else. Focusing primarily on research and product design, Speer Labs plans to spend much of 2013 sponsoring programs that test clinical uses for its products.

Originally conceived as a first-line defense against severe burns, products developed by Speer Labs quickly proved they could also reduce inflammation, soothe painful irritation and heal the damage wrought by resistant skin conditions. This is largely due to the products’ unique formulas, which contain natural ingredients that work to stimulate blood-flow to afflicted areas and are capable of fighting viral, bacterial and fungal infections. In addition, these formulas are designed to deliver immediate relief from the pain caused by damaging skin conditions, while simultaneously restoring the skin’s natural barrier function.

Upon hitting the market in 2011, EMUAID became an overnight phenomenon, with many of its users citing its absence of side effects and astonishing capacity to treat otherwise incurable conditions. To date, four products are sold from the company’s online storefront: First Aid Ointment, Maximum Strength First Aid Ointment, Overnight Acne Treatment and First Defense Probiotic, with several more in the works.

EMUAID has proven particularly effective at treating molluscum contagiosum. A viral condition that targets children, this disorder, which is sometimes referred to as water warts, causes painful lesions to develop on the arms, legs and trunk. EMUAID’s success against molluscum contagiosum has prompted the company to align with 4Kids of South Florida. A not-for-profit organization that finds homes for children stricken by crisis, 4Kids has assisted over 17,000 children since its inception 15 years ago. Through this partnership, Speer Labs hopes to facilitate these children’s well-being and recovery.

EMUAID Cares has also developed a free 12-week research trial for the Hidradenitis Suppurtiva community. Additionally, it is currently setting up a partnership with a charitable medical organization that provides essential health care to those living in high risk communities abroad. In the near future, EMUAID plans to partner with U.S.-based burn centers to provide its innovative new Burn and Wound First Aid Ointment to burn victims. Throughout, EMUAID’s team of researchers will work tirelessly to develop enhancements to existing products and to discover new ways to better treat harmful skin maladies.

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